Leica TruView Integrator for SmartPlant® Enterprise

Hexagon’s synergy solutions work together to provide a constant flow of information, transforming raw data into the actionable intelligence needed to meet the challenges of our world.

The Leica TruView Integrator for SmartPlant Enterprise is one example of how Hexagon is improving some of our world's most vital industries through technology. The solution, a collaboration between Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) and Leica Geosystems, was created with the help of leading Owner Operators to support day-to-day plant operations and activities such as maintenance and inspection.

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Customer Perspectives

AlzChem AG, Germany

Ludwig Englmaier, head of the Engineering Department for AlzChem AG, said, "We have been using Intergraph tools for many years to manage the virtual plant asset for our plants at AlzChem. We recently selected SPO and will be rolling it into production over the coming weeks. We are excited about SPO Mobile Apps with TruView Integrator, and will be seeking to implement them as soon as possible.

"We believe these will help us bring the immense value of the virtual plant asset directly to workers on the plant floor. Today, plant workers performing inspection and maintenance activities spend too much time locating the items they need in the plant. SPO Mobile with photorealistic TruView visualization will help our plant workers carry out their work safer, quicker and better than ever."