Our Communities

In today’s world, great companies are not solely defined by their products and their revenues – they are also defined by their communities.

Our Customers
Hexagon is proud to serve customers from nearly all industries throughout the world, including surveying, power and energy, aerospace and defence, safety and security, construction and manufacturing.

Our customers are involved in some of the most revolutionary and critical projects the world has ever seen, and achieve great accomplishments every day, some of which are highlighted below.


Our People
We at Hexagon understand that the people are what make the difference between a good company and a great company. We employ close to 14 000 employees in over 40 countries who demonstrate the highest degree of commitment and service to our customers around the world. Our employees are experts in their fields, and work in research and development, marketing, sales, assembly, installation, customer training, service and administration.

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Our Investors
As some of our most valued constituents, Hexagon strives to provide the utmost value for our shareholders. Currently Hexagon has more than 20 000 shareholders with the majority of the shareholding based in Sweden.

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Our Partners
Without our partners, including our vendors and strategic business alliances, Hexagon could not have made the achievements that drive our world forward. Our partnerships are integral to our business, and we are committed to adhering to a Responsible Sourcing Policy that helps us meet our customers’ and shareholders’ expectations and reduce the risk of incidents that could affect our reputation or interrupt operations.

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