Hexagon is a leading global provider of information technologies that drive dynamic decision making across industrial and geospatial applications.

Big data… cloud… real time… connectivity… these are just a few of the topics and trends fueling solutions essential to our future. Hexagon’s reach extends to these areas and more.

As a leading global provider of information technologies, we are a constant presence within the ever-changing technology landscape, providing innovations that infuse relevance and knowledge into business processes that create a better and smarter world.

Hexagon technologies drive dynamic decision making across industrial and geospatial applications. Our solutions integrate sensors, software, domain knowledge and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems that deliver actionable information, automate business processes and improve productivity.

They are used in a broad range of vital industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, infrastructure and construction, metals and mining, power, safety and surveying.

Our customers are at the forefront of the changing world, operating in industries that have a major role in creating a sustainable future. It’s critical for these organisations to find new and better ways to work and meet highly ambitious, but achievable, goals.

We’re focused on helping them view global challenges as a source of innovation and growth. Because reshaping business and industry landscapes is an absolute necessity – but increasing business value and building a competitive advantage in the face of emerging risks – that’s shaping smart change.

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